Biography, vol. 36, no. 4 (2013)

Bio 36-4 cover




Biography and the Political Unconscious: Ellison, Toomer, Jameson, and the Politics of Symptomatic Reading
Barbara Foley, 649

As demonstrated by the workings of the political unconscious in Jean Toomer’s Cane and Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man, investigation of authorial biography is an indispensable component of Marxist literary criticism. Symptomatic reading, while derogated by the advocates of “surface reading,” remains crucial to textual interpretation.
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Archives of Asian Art, vol. 63, no. 2 (2013)

The table of contents below contains links to the MUSE edition of each article and shows either an abstract or a sample image from each of the main entries.

The Jageshwar Valley, Where Death Is Conquered
Nachiket Chanchani, 133


Location of the Central Himalayas.

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Update: Manoa, vol. 26, no. 1, Starry Island: New Writing from Singapore NY Launch Recap

It was a wet night, but the drizzle did not keep the crowd away from St. Mark’s Bookshop, now in hip new digs in the East Village. Organized by the team behind Singapore Literature Festival, the event was the New York launch of Starry Island: New Writing from Singapore. The launch, held under the auspices of Manhattan Lit Crawl, attracted many crawlers. … There was standing room only in the stylish space.

The anthology Starry Island features poetry, fiction and essays by 30 Singaporean writers and translators. It is edited by Frank Stewart and Fiona Sze-Lorrain, and published by the University of Hawai’i Press as part of Manoa’s series of international literature. Contributors include such bright lights as Philip Jeyaretnam, Ng Yi-sheng, Wena Poon, Alfian Sa’at, O Thiam Chin, Cyril Wong, Toh Hsien Min and Boey Kim Cheng. Wena Poon and Cyril Wong are also featured authors at the upcoming Singapore Literature Festival.

Complete archive for the Yearbook of the APCG now available in Project Muse

The Association of Pacific Coast Geographers and the University of Hawai’i Press are pleased to announce the complete archive of the journal is now available in Project Muse.

Yearbook of the Association of Pacific Coast Geographers: Vol. 1 (1935) – Vol. 76 (2014)

Founded in 1935, the APCG has a rich history of promoting geographical education and research. Its Yearbook includes abstracts of papers from its annual meetings, a selection of full-length peer-reviewed articles, and book reviews. Since 1952 the APCG has also been the Pacific Coast Regional Division (including Hawai‘i) of the Association of American Geographers. Individual subscription is by membership in the APCG.

The Yearbook has been published annually except for the years 1944-46; indexes appear in volumes 27, 35, 40, 49, 54, and 66.

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U.S.–Japan Women’s Journal, no. 46 (2014)

Distributed for Jōsai International Center for the Promotion of Art and Science, Jōsai University

“Female Students Ruining the Nation”: The Debate over Coeducation in Postwar Japan
Julia C. Bullock, 3

On the Enunciative Boundary of Decolonizing Language: The Imagined Camaraderie of Poets Itō Hiromi and Theresa Hak Kyung Cha
Lee Friederich, 24

Reading the Bodies and Voices of Naichi Women in Japanese-Ruled Taiwan
Anne Sokolsky, 51

The Unprecedented Views of Wada Yoshiko: Reconfiguring Pleasure Work in Yūjo monogatari (1913)
Ann Marie L. Davis, 79

The Recollections of Tetsu: A Translation of Her Testimonial Narrative with Commentary
Tanya S. Maus, 101

Review of Japanese Culture and Society, vol. 25 (2013)

Distributed for Jōsai International Center for the Promotion of Art and Science, Jōsai University

Working Words: New Approaches to Japanese Studies

From the editors
Mizuta Noriko, Miya Elise Mizuta, Haga Kōichi, Natta Phisphumvidhi, v


Working Words: New Approaches to Japanese Studies
Jordan Sand, Alan Tansman, Dennis Washburn, 1

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Yearbook of the APCG, vol. 76 (2014)

Editorial Notes, 9

Contributor Biographies, 11

The Geographer’s Eyes and Feet
Michael Schmandt, 13

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