Yearbook of the APCG, vol. 75 (2013)

Editorial Notes, 9

Contributor Biographies, 12

Presidential Address: Study Abroad: Geography Does It Better
James R. Keese, 15

L.A. East: A Photographic Journey through Asian Los Angeles
Giorgio Hadi Curti, Zia Salim, and Vienne Vu, 28

The History and Geography of the Milwaukee Road in Eastern Washington
John V. Ward, 69

Compressing Nature: The Development of the Export Hay Industry in the Western United States
John T. Bowen, Jr., 83

Problematizing Beaver Habitat Identification Models for Reintroduction Application in the Western United States
Jeff Baldwin, 104

The Far West Coast: Points and Sounds of Loyalty and Remembrance
Ray Sumner, 121

The Post-World War II Origin and Evolution of Mountain Snowshoes and Mountain Snowshoeing in North America
Karl Lillquist, 140

Two Books in Ethnic Geography: Goals, Creation, and Rewards
James P. Allen, 167

Book Review: Field Guide to California Agriculture by Paul F. Starrs and Peter Goin
Reviewed by Ron Davidson, 179

Meeting Report, 183

Distinguished Service Award, 185

APCG Student Paper Award Winners, 187

Resolutions of the Seventy-Fifth Annual Meeting, 190

Abstracts of Papers Presented, 192


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