U.S.–Japan Women’s Journal, no. 43 (2013)

Distributed for Jōsai International Center for the Promotion of Art and Science, Jōsai University

Women Writing, Writing Women: Essays in Memory of Professor Satoko Kan
Amanda C. Seaman, pp. 3-10

Why a Good Man Is Hard to Find in Meiji Fiction: Tamura Toshiko’s Akirame (Resignation)
Timothy J. Van Compernolle, pp. 11-32

Sexualization of the Disabled Body: Tanabe Seiko’s “Joze to tora to sakanatachi” (Josee, the Tiger, and the Fish)
Hiromi Tsuchiya Dollase, pp. 33-47

Oases of Discontent: Suburban Space in Takahashi Takako and Abe Kōbō
Amanda C. Seaman, pp. 48-62

BL (Boys’ Love) Literacy: Subversion, Resuscitation, and Transformation of the (Father’s) Text
Tomoko Aoyama, pp. 63-84

Romantic Adventures in Prose: Ren’ai Shōsetsu (Romance Novels) by Yuikawa Kei
Eileen B. Mikals-Adachi, pp. 85-105

The Destinations of “Women’s Friendships”: Imperializing Education in The Women’s Classroom
Satoko Kan, Lucy Fraser, Takeuchi Kayo, pp. 106-125
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