U.S.–Japan Women’s Journal, no. 46 (2014)

Distributed for Jōsai International Center for the Promotion of Art and Science, Jōsai University

“Female Students Ruining the Nation”: The Debate over Coeducation in Postwar Japan
Julia C. Bullock, 3

On the Enunciative Boundary of Decolonizing Language: The Imagined Camaraderie of Poets Itō Hiromi and Theresa Hak Kyung Cha
Lee Friederich, 24

Reading the Bodies and Voices of Naichi Women in Japanese-Ruled Taiwan
Anne Sokolsky, 51

The Unprecedented Views of Wada Yoshiko: Reconfiguring Pleasure Work in Yūjo monogatari (1913)
Ann Marie L. Davis, 79

The Recollections of Tetsu: A Translation of Her Testimonial Narrative with Commentary
Tanya S. Maus, 101


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