Yearbook of the APCG, vol. 76 (2014)

Editorial Notes, 9

Contributor Biographies, 11

The Geographer’s Eyes and Feet
Michael Schmandt, 13

The Social Geography of Day Labor: Informal Responses to the Economic Downturn
Sean Crotty, 22

The Ho Chi Minh City Canals: Assessing Vulnerability and Resilience Factors
Elena Givental, 49

A Tribal Litany for Survival: Dresslerville, Nevada, and South Lake Tahoe, California
Natchee Barnd, 68

The Transnational Networks of Cultural Commodities: Peruvian Food in San Francisco
Kelsey Brain, 82

Origin and Evolution of the Late-Cenozoic Uplift Creation Myth
Jeffrey P. Schaffer, 102

Report of the Seventy-Sixth Annual Meeting, 141

APCG Distinguished Service Award, 145

APCG Student Paper Award Winners, 147

Resolutions of the Seventy-Sixth Annual Meeting, 150

Abstracts for Oral Presentations and Posters, 152


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