Journal of World History, vol. 27, no. 2 (2016)

Double carpet- page with swimming fishes. Pentateuch. Sana’a (Yemen), 1469. London, British Library, Ms. Or. 2348, fols. 38v–39. © The British Library Board. Patterns of Artistic Hybridization in the Early Protoglobalization Period*

Double carpet-page with swimming fishes from Patterns of Artistic Hybridization in the Early Protoglobalization Period this issue. Pentateuch. Sana’a (Yemen), 1469.
© The British Library Board.

March’s  Journal of World History volume 27 number 2 features the following articles by world history scholars:

  • The Kingdom of Kongo and the Thirty Year’s War by John K. Thornton
  • Patterns of Artistic Hybridization in the Early Protoglobalization Period by Luís U. Afonso
  • The Global Origins of a “Paraguayan” Sweetener: Ka’a He’e and Stevia in the Twentieth Century, by Bridget María Chesterton and Timothy Yang
  • Reconsidering the Yokohama “Gold Rush” of 1859, by Simon James Bytheway and Martha Chaiklin
  • The Global Construction of International Lay in the Nineteenth Century: The Case of Arbitration, by Steven M. Harris
  • Book Reviews

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