Journal of the Southeast Asian Linguistics Society – Volume 10:2 (2017)

Journal of the Southeast Asian Linguistics Society (JSEALS) recently published three new articles online as part of volume 10, number 2 (2017):

In addition, the editors provided a Book Notice: A Grammar Of Papuan Malay.

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Cross-Currents, vol. 6, no. 2 (November 2017)

Mandala scroll

Mandala of the Two Worlds (Ryōkai mandara), one of two hanging scrolls, Edo period (1693). Ink and colors on silk, 410.9 x 378.4 cm (each). Tōji Temple, Kyoto. Source: Sawa and Hamada (1983–1984, 24, 29). From “Sankei Mandara: Layered Maps to Sacred Places,” in this issue.

Cross-Currents: East Asian History and Culture Review vol. 6, no. 2 opens with a section on cartography, echoing a theme published in vol. 6, no. 1 earlier this year. 

Maps and Their Contexts: Reflections on Cartography and Culture in Premodern East Asia

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Oceanic Linguistics, vol. 56, no. 2 (2017)

Earlier this year, we unveiled a new cover for Oceanic Linguistics in the first issue of volume 56. The second issue of each year has the same design with an alternate color scheme.

The new covers of Oceanic Linguistics.

In addition to the new look, the December issue includes the following works:


  • Definiteness and Referentiality in Rapa Nui: The Interplay of Determiners and Demonstratives by Paulus Kieviet
  • Dynamism and Change in the Possessive Classifier System of Iaai by Anne-Laure Dotte
  • Toward Paradigm Uniformity: A Longitudinal Study in Alamblak by Les Bruce
  • Evidence of Contact between Binanderean and Oceanic Languages by Joel Bradshaw
  • Epenthetic and Contrastive Glottal Stops in Amarasi by Owen Edwards
  • The Western Malayo-Polynesian Problem by Alexander D. Smith


  • Regular Metathesis in Batanic (Northern Philippines)? by Robert Blust

Plus book reviews.

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Early Release Articles: Korean Studies, December 2017

University of Hawai’i Press and Korean Studies present the following early release articles through a partnership with Project MUSE.


Young Barbara’s Devotion and Death: Reading Father Ch’oe’s Field Report of 1850 by Deberniere J. Torrey


Women and Buddhist Philosophy: Engaging Zen Master Kim Iryŏp by Jin Y. Park (University of Hawai`i Press: 2017), reviewed by Jungshim Lee

All Korean Studies early release articles may be viewed online here.

Please note: Early release manuscripts have been through our rigorous peer-review process, accepted for publication, and copyedited. These articles will be published in a forthcoming issue of the journal. These articles have not yet been through the full production process and therefore may contain errors. These articles will be removed from the early release page once they are published as part of an issue.

The next complete volume of Korean Studies will appear in 2018. Sign up for new issue email alerts from Project MUSE here.

Journal of World History, vol. 28, no. 2 (2017)

The March issue of  Journal of World History volume 28 number 2 features the following articles and a special forum by world history scholars:


  • Why Do Only Some Places Have History? Japan, the West, and the Geography of the Past
    By Julia Adeney Thomas
  • Cross-Cultural Friendship and Legal Pluralities in the Early Pacific Salt-Pork Trade
    By Alecia Pru Simmonds
  • We are Not Pirates: Portugal, China, and the Pirates of Coloane (Macao), 1910
    By Robert J. Antony

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China Review International Vol. 22 No. 3&4 (2015)

This double-issue issue of China Review International arrives with two features and more than 20 reviews of scholarly literature in Chinese studies, including seven reviews of University of Hawai`i Press books.



…plus 10 more.

Find the full text of the issue at Project MUSE

CRI_22-3&4_cover_RGBAbout the Journal

Every quarter, China Review International presents timely, English-language reviews of recently published China-related books and monographs. Its multidisciplinary scope and international coverage make it an indispensable tool for all those interested in Chinese culture and civilization, and enable the sinologist to keep abreast of cutting-edge scholarship in Chinese studies.


Individual and institutional subscriptions available through UH Press.


China Review International publishes reviews of recent scholarly literature and “state-of-the-art” articles in all fields of Chinese studies. Reviews are generally published by invitation only; however, unsolicited reviews will be considered for publication based on merit and guidelines can be found here.

Biography Vol. 40 No. 3 (Summer 2017)

A 1934 advertisement for The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas

A 1934 advertisement for The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas. The Saturday Review of Literature, 13 Jan. 1934. From “On the Lecture Circuit with Gertrude Stein’s Portraits” by Linda Zygutis, in this issue.

Biography volume 40, number 3 (Summer 2017) includes the following announcement from co-editor John David Zuern:

For many years Biography‘s occasional feature “Sketches from Life” has made room for more personal essays by life writing scholars reflecting on practical, theoretical, and ethical issues related to their particular projects. We are rechristening this feature “First Person” to underscore the notion that scholars are the “first persons” in their academic writing and that scholarly projects are always, in one way or another, chapters in their authors’ life stories. In most cases, the autobiographical aspects of research are necessarily submerged in the final product, more or less invisible to the reader apart from sporadic appearances of the author’s directorial “I,” but sometimes the story of how an article or book came into being is as exciting and enlightening as the ideas the text has to offer. It is with this conviction that we are renewing our call for first-person memoirs of critical practice. Interested authors should query us about their plans before submitting manuscripts. (from Editor’s Note, vol. 40, no. 3)

Complete submission guidelines are available here.

In this Issue

Plus book reviews and contributors.

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Biography 40-3 C1About the Journal

For over thirty years, Biography: An Interdisciplinary Quarterly has explored the theoretical, generic, historical, and cultural dimensions of life-writing.


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Unsolicited manuscripts between 2,500 to 7,500 words are welcome. Email inquiries and editorial correspondence to